About Us

Mission of GCEE is to investigate the science and technology of graphene and its related 2D and 3D hybrid nanomaterials. The focus is on research related to catalysis and flexible and energy efficient electronics, for which graphene and related materials are a unique enabling platform. This will be achieved through synthesis, processing, designing, 2D and 3D printing and fabricating components for catalysis, energy and sensors applications.

GCEE trains young researchers and promotes collaborations and networking among scientists with diverse backgrounds nationally and internationally. GCEE also aims at facilitating the uptake of graphene and 2D materials by industry, engaging with local and global industry, as well as with business people and society. The facilities and equipment have been selected to promote alignment with industry and leading new up to date printing tracks in Egypt.

The core funding to establish the GCEE comes mainly from STDF with significant contribution from E-JUST, JICA, ASRT and Industry (Ethydico, Ezz steel, Pharco, etc...). The concept of "materials on demand" will enable a large number of different artificial 2D and 3D materials, with tailored properties, to be used in new multifunctional devices. An agreement has been initiated with a professional consultant agency (Middle East group for consultation & accreditation) in accreditation to direct the process of accreditation of the graphene center. The industry (Ezzsteel) will help in supporting the accreditation of the center believing in its merit. The accredited center will acquire credibility of the national and international society that will enhance the collaboration with the center.

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