GCEE Facilities

Explore our state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment related to Synthesis, Printing, Standards, Characterization and Applications.

2D and 3D Printing Support Unit Wearble Electronics Lab

2D inkjet printer

Fujifilm Dimatix Materials Printer 2850

3D inkjet printer

Autodrop Professional Positioning System MD-P802

Challenger 173

For testing gravure, flexographic, screen and functional inks as well as the printability of various flexible and rigid substrates Under procurement process

2D and 3D CO2 Laser Printing

Machine: Universal

Kinexus Rheometer


Zetasizer Nano Zs


Ossila UV Ozone Cleaner

Four-Point Probe | Resistivity & Conductivity Measurement | Ossila

Thermal Conductivity Hot Disk TPS 2500 S

Electrochemical Work Station


Humidity Cabinet tester

Solar Sun Simulator

Model CT50AAA

Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera


Synthesis Facilities


Split Tube Furnace system for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition 1200C Max.


Electro spinning System For R & D

Industrial Energy and Environmental Support Unit: Heterogeneous Catalysis Lab


Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis

Catalyst Analyzer Belcat II

Pulse, TPD, TPR, BET Breakthrough Curve, Various Catalytic Reaction

Custom-Made Fixed Bed Tubular Reactor for Gas to Liquid and Vice Versa /Parr Inst.

  • Gas flow: 41L/h
  • Liquid flow: 24L/h
  • Pressure: atom-50 bar
  • Temperature:850oC

4670 High Pressure/High Temperature Vessel/ Parr Inst.

1.5 Gallon capacity, can obtain temperatures up to 600 °C and a maximum pressure of 3000 psi

The H-Genie Benchtop Green Hydrogen Generator

Under procurement process

Microwave /IR Synthesis System

Ultrasonic Probe

High Speed Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge

Freeze Dryer


Muffle Furnace