Management Team Members

Prof.Ahmed abdelmoniem

GCEE Director

Prof.Afaf Al Aoufy


Mohamed Belal


Aya Mansour

Accreditation Specialist


We work collaboratively, as a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, on graphene and 2D materials research.

Seniors Staff

  • Prof. Ahmed Fatah El Bab, (MEMs -E-JUST)
  • Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Allam (Electronic Engineering Department, EJUST).
  • Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Rezik (Electronic Engineering Department, Alexandria University).
  • Dr. Amr Hessein, (Physics Department, Faculty of engineering, Benha University, Shoubra)
  • Dr. Haithem El-Bery (Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science-Assuit University)

Juniors Staff

  • Mohamed Belal, Lab Eng., E-JUST
  • Dr. Aya Ali Al Kadi, Alexandria University
  • Dr. Mariumu Kassim, Jumo Kinyatta University, Kenya
  • Ahmed Rashed, Ph.D. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST.
  • Ahmed Bayomi, Ph.D. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST
  • Hany El Sayed, Ph.D. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST
  • Tiya Cracian, M.Sc. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST
  • Betty Nagouba, MSc. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST
  • Lawal Kabir, M.Sc. Nanoscience-BAS, E-JUST
  • Marcus Ezzat, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Reham Youssiry, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Mohamed Wahba, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Ahmed Hegazy, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Zainab Ibrahim, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Ayat Fayez, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Abd-Elrazik Galal, RA-GCEE, E-JUST
  • Mohamed Nofal, RA-GCEE, E-JUST

Visiting Researchers

Dr Eng. Amr Hessin

Solar cell and flexible electronics

Dr Ayman Amin

Energy Storage

Dr Mohamed Khairy

MoFs Synthesis and Heterogeneous catalysts

Dr Eng. Mohamed Gamil


African Students and Alumni