1.Production of graphene

GECC produces graphene, functionalized and doped graphene using different methods of exfoliation and growth.

2.Printing and ink formulations

We have a collection of printing techniques from small-scale inkjet printing to production capable screen, gravure and flexographic printing. We can print graphene, conducting polymers and metal and metal oxides functional inks with high precision and reproducibility to enable fabrication of 2D and 3D devices. Our team is available to help devise projects, guide product development and undertake research in collaboration with our members. Services include formulation of inks and pastes with a variety of properties, design of printed electronics.


GCEE works on developing a high-performance printed energy storage and conversion (ESC) devices,

  • Super capacitors/Biosupercapacitors
  • Thermoelectrics.
  • Electrothermal heater.
  • Solar cell

relies on both the utilization of good constituent materials and rational design of assembly structure. Graphene-based materials, due to their superior properties like high electrical/thermal conductivity, large surface area, and unique optical and semiconducting properties, have been extensively utilized for ESC applications.


GCEE works on developing chemical and biological graphene-based sensors and combine them into compact analysis systems for continuously measuring and monitoring chemical (e. g. CO, CO2) or biological substances (e.g. Glucose and Cholesterol).

5.Heterogeneous Catalysis

Carbon dioxide is an abundant carbon feedstock, and there exists a sustained interest in methods for its utilization. In this perspective, researchers in GCEE highlights the role that heterogeneous catalysis (promoted Fe and Co NPs supported on graphene &bonded with linkers in MOFs) play in hybrid processes in which green H2 obtained via electrolysis and CO2 valorized in a second, dark step. Targeting high selectivity to value added products (olefins, paraffin and aromatics), we cover CO2 to chemicals routes that involve cascade multifunctional processes.

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