Awarded projects

Running Projects Since 2019

  1. “Developing Muscular Implants for Compensating Geriatric Muscle Weaknesses and Muscular Dystrophies” Funding entity; STDF, Budget: 3,000 K LE, 2022-2024.
  2. “Green Integrated Solar Fuel Production System: Two Steps and Direct FT Synthesis Routs” Funding entity: ASRT, Budget: 8,000 K LE; 2020-2022
  3. “Graphene Center of Excellence for Energy and Electronic Applications, (GCEE)”; Capacity building; Funding Entity: STDF-ACSE, Budget: 11,190 K LE; 2019-2023.
  4. “Engineering Safety”; Type: Mobility/educational Funding entity: Erasmus + Key Action 1; Partner: Kassel University-Germany. Budget: 80 K Euro; 2019-2022.
  5. “Artificial Intelligence Lab for Space Applications”Type: Capacity building; Funding Entity: ASRT-Central Labs Call, Budget: 2,000 K LE; 2020-2022
  6. “Accreditation of GCEE”; Type: Industry /Accreditation Funding entity: Ezz Steel Dekhala, Budget: 250 KLE; 2019-2023.

Concluding Projects

  1. “Development of Nanoparticle Catalysts Supported on Graphene for High Activity And Selectivity Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Liquid Fuels”: Type: Research, Funding entity: STDF –NSF; Partner VCU, Virginia, USA; Budget: 200 K $; Duration: 2015-2019
  2. “Micro Fabrication Lab”; Type: Capacity building;Funding entity: STDF; Budget: 5000 K LE; Duration: 2014-2018
  3. “First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculation of Piezo Resistive Effect of Graphene and Its Application to Nano Sensors”; Type: Mobility (Egypt-Japan); Funding entity: STDF/JSPS; Partner: Kyoto University, Japan; Budget: 350 K LE; Duration: 2014-2017
  4. “Fabrication of Graphene-Based Electrode and its Application for Water Desalination by Capacitive Deionization Process”; Type: ASRT-degree supporting program; Funding entity: ASRT; Partner: Alexandria University, Budget: 50 K LE; Duration: 2013-2015